Sliced ​​bread cannelloni or tramezzini stuffed with pulled chicken, baked apple cubes, vegetables and pink sauce


Reference Exquisitarium: 26712 Pulled chicken

  • Pulled chicken
  • Bread
  • Baked apple cubes
  • Vegetables (carrot, broccoli, beans, spinach…)
  • Pink sauce
  • Mayonnaise Sauce
  • Roasted black sesame
  • Paprika caviar from La Vera


Previously, we place the tray of pulled beef tail in the microwave for 5 minutes if we take it directly from the freezer.

We arrange the slices of sliced ​​bread and press them with the rolling pin to stretch them until they are very thin.

We cook the vegetables (to taste) preferably by steaming but we will let them drain so that they leave all the water. Once drained, we sauté them with a little oil.

We cut the apple into small cubes that we will put on a tray in the oven with a little sugar and leave it for 5 minutes at 180º.

We mix the Pulled chicken with the vegetables, the apple and the pink sauce.

Once we have the filling, we assemble the cannelloni and we will spread them with a little mayonnaise and as a final touch we will sprinkle toasted black sesame and paprika caviar from La Vera.

We hope you like it.