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Appetizers and Tapas

Great variety of fritters. One of the products we are known for is our black cod fritter with aioli.

A wide variety of premade frozen emals and food, products with surprising textures

From the most classical varieties to surprising, unique flavour combinations.

Extensive line of premade frozen meals that are easy to regenerate and require no fixed structure. All you have to do is defrost and ready to serve.

Discover our new line of vegan burgers with extra vitamin C.

In addition to the previous categories, we also offer an endless array of versatile appetisers.


Our risottos are perfect for easily serving high-quality dishes in just minutes.

Our lasagnes and pasta dishes are made with the best local produce.

Our stews are cooked according to the most traditional, home-style recipes.

Prepared gourmet frozen meals. Endless variety in several different formats.

Discover our selection of sauces for all your pasta dishes.

We have other attractive and gourmet recipes of prepared frozen food that will surprise you.


Our group 4 and 5 meats will be the delight of any restaurant.

Our frozen prepared food products newest recipe: Skate escabeche with lime and Sichuan pepper.

A carefully chosen selection of sauces and sides for your mains.


Prepared gourmet frozen meals. Endless variety in several different formats.


Quality precooked frozen meals. A dessert that will delight the most discerning palates: our chocolate fritters.

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